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Mission & Vission



To Provide complete education, by creating an Exciting learning environment for body, mind And soul;

To enhance the total personality of child, ensuring Complete and comprehensive overall Development.

Our total commitment helps each child to grow Into a confident capable and internationally Competent citizen reaching for the sky.

Our Values

  • Our priority is Children.
  • We value and respect parents as equal partners in the development and nurturing process of the children.
  • We value the role of teachers and other Staff.
  • We Endeavour to provide an atmosphere continued betterment and creativity.
  • We value teamwork and a spirit of mutual trust and co-operation.
  • We value quality infrastructure and are committed to continuously upgrading school facilities.

The School’s Motto and Emblem

Love | Knowledge | Power

School Emblem is the concrete identification symbol representing the Motto and Aims of the Military Schools. Our school is the part of Biyani Education Group Bhusawal, so our school emblem holds the same name as the Title.

Baniyan Tree Symbolises the strength. At its roots a book is shown and it represents the roots of the Baniyan Tree. Means Education is the real strength. It enligtens the life of the learner. There is sankrit Qoute,"Shramam Veena Na Kimapi Sadhyam", meanas nothing is possible without Hard Work. Biyani Education Group is basically established to spred the "Light of Knowledge" in the society to contribute in the National Progess.


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Mr. D. M Patil


At BMS, WE envisage a value based education with due emphasis on crating confident, competent morally and socially mature individuals who will be a credit to the society they live in. Achieving academic excellence is not the only aim. We believe in allowing students to grow and mature in a reasonably free and friendly atmosphire with the constraintsof undue disipline or force. The responsibility of creating morally responsible citizens for a future world looms large before educational institutions, especially so in the face of swift and phenomenal advances in the field of science and technology. We therefore consciously aim at stressing upon the students urgency of imbibing truly human values of love, charity, peace, brotherhood, religious tolerance and mutual respect for human being and love for nature. Students are constantly remained that in the race for ranks and promising careers they should not lose sight of their human and moral responsibilities to their country and the world.