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About Us


The school has Unique Pedagogy: The school makes use of an appropriate blending of Pedagogical tools to train the students. It includes the expert teachers having in depth exposure to educational psychology of the learners. Continuous evaluation is an important feature of the academic programme.

  • A Modern Computer Lab having Multimedia Facility has been made available to students of class 1st onwards
  • Well equipped science lab
  • E-Learning Lab/Smart Class.
  • Music Hall
  • Drawing/Painting Hall
  • The school has a well stocked library with large number of books
  • Students counselling is a distinguished feature of the school
  • The School conducts various Academic Programmes to boost the intellect of the students
  • Lectures on Personality Development by the Experts
  • The School conducts Science Exhibition, Drawing Exhibition
  • Govt. Scholarship Exams, MTS/NTS Exams
  • Drawing Grade Exams
  • Music Exams- Vocal & Instrumental
  • Olympiad Exams: English, Maths, Science, GK, Cyber, Economic Finance
  • History Talent Search
  • Speech Competitions
  • Inter School Competitions
  • Various Competitive Exams at State & National Level
  • BMS has a tradition of 100% Result in SSC BOARD EXAMS

Daily Routine:



5:30 AM Reveile
5:45 To 6:15 Morning PT
6:15 To 7:00 Morning Bath / Geting Ready
7:00 To 7:30 Morning Milk
7:45 To 8:00 School Assembly
8:00 To 8:45 1st Period
8:45 To 9:25 2nd Period
9:25 To 9:50 Breakfast
9:50 To 10:25 3rd Period
10:25 To 11:00 4th Period
11:00 To 11:15 Short Recess
11:15 To 11:45 5th Period
11:45 To 12:15 6th Period
12:15 To 12:45 7th Period
12:45 To 3:00 Long Recess (Lunch & Rest)


3:00 To 4:30 Cooching Classes
4:30 To 4:45 Tiffin / Snacks
4:45 To 6:00 Games & Military Training
6:00 To 6:30 Evening Bath
6:30 To 7:00 Meditation
7:00 To 8:00 Evening Prep. / Study Hour
8:00 To 8:30 Dinner
8:30 To 9:30 Extra Study Class / News Hour / TV Program For Primary Kids
9:30 To 10:00 House Inspection & Roll Call
10:00 Light Off

Sunday Routine

  • Sunday: Military Training & Sports Activities
  • After Two Months : Parents Visiting Day




Facilities / Infrastructure

School Campus

We at the BMS believe to provide the best possible environment and resources for the students so that they can blend themselves and carve out their future paths.

BMS has developed a huge and beautiful campus away from all hustle and bustle of the city with full of greenery internal cement roads and adequate water source availability. Each hostel has been provided with the facility of RO drinking water, solar system for hot water in winter cold. The campus is connected with MSEB electricity supply along with generator supply in emergency. The hostels and the total school campus has been safeguarded by the security guards for 24 hours.

The school is spread over 120 Acres, consisting school Main Building, Administrative Wing, NCC Office, Boy’s Hostel, Girls’ Hostel, Jr. College Hostel, Dining Hall, Auditorium Hall, Gymnasium Hall, Indoor Riffle Shooting Range, Dispensary, Swimming Pool, Water Park, Large Playground, Obstacle Course, Staff Quarters, President’s Bungalow, Washer Man’s Unit, Cowshed, Boating Club.

School Main Building

The school main building consists of classrooms, E-Learning classrooms, computer lab, laboratories, music hall, library, store rooms, assembly ground.


Administrative Wing

The administrative wing consists of offices of principal, president’s cabin, staffrooms, and accounts section.

NCC Office

The school has Junior NCC Division (JD). Cadets from class 8th and 9th have been selected for NCC. The selected cadets participate in NCC events.


Boys Hostel

The boy’s hostel building of three floors contains 12 separate houses in which the students are accommodated. The students are divided into three groups at three floors, age group viz i.e. class 1st to 4th, class 5th to 7th and class 8th to 10th. Each house has a capacity of 56 students. Each student is provided with a cot, bed, bed sheet, chaddar, towel, uniform, shoes, sleeper and separate locker in the house. Each house is looked after by a house master and house masters are supervised by the hostel in charge, who is responsible for the inmates of the hostel. Along with this general employee like Sevika’s (Ayyas) to look after small kids and house boys for senior students.

Girls’ Hostel

The girls’ hostel building is a separate three floors building for girls. It has total 12 spacious and airy rooms in which the girls are accommodated. The girls’ are divided into two houses namely Jijamata House for Junior girls’ and Rani Laxmibai House for Senior girls’. Each house is looked after by a hostel mistress and hostel mistress is supervised by the hostel metron, who is responsible for the inmates of the hostel. Along with this general employee like Sevika’s (Ayyas) to look after the small girls’ and to maintain cleanliness, 24 hrs security guards for girls’ safety and security.


Junior College Hostel (Vishalgadh)

There is a separate hostel building for junior college in which the students of class 11th and 12th are accommodated.

Each student has been provided with a cot, bed, bed sheet, chaddar, towel, study table, chair, and separate locker in the house. Junior college hostel building is looked after by a Military Training Instructor, he has been supervised by a hostel in charge who is responsible for inmates of the hostel.

The parents are not permitted into the hostels for the reason of safety and security of the students.

Auditorium Hall

Entertainment is one of the important factor for every individual.

The well furnished Auditorium Hall is one of the important features of the school. It has equipped with large screen, projector, stage, and sound system.

The Auditorium Hall has been used for educational seminars, PD lectures, debates, quiz competitions, funny games. The students are shown daily news, educational CD’s, moral stories and hindi movie on alternate Saturdays, where as cartoon shows, serials are shown to the tiny tots.


Dining Hall

BMS has spacious and well equipped dining hall (Mess). All students dine in a common mess. Purely vegetarian food is provided to all.

The mess provides morning milk, breakfast, lunch, tiffin/snacks and dinner to the students at the specified timing. Attendance is compulsory for every student at each meals. The school has appointed a cook, caters, mess supervisor to supervise the working of the mess and to look after the arrangements. The menu served is general and nutritious for the needs of growing children. Regular mess meetings are held by the school authorities with the representation of the students to know their problems about mess and changes in the menu if required are discussed.

No eatables from outside are permitted to be brought in the mess.

More spacious and well equipped new dining hall, having dining capacity of 1000 students plus 50 staff members at a time is under construction.

Dispensary/MI Room

The school has medical infirmary with a doctor plus medical attendant, taking the daily OPD with required medicines and initial hospitalization facilities. For serious medical problems, cadets (patients) are referred to the concerned general hospitals in Bhusawal city. Intimation about such sick cadets is sent promptly to the concerned parents.


Gymnasium Hall

To maintain physical fitness of the students, the school has well equipped gym with required apparatus.


The school has a large playground which provides almost all sports facilities. Along with 20 play fields, school has swimming pool, water park, horse riding, boxing ring, skating ground, cricket pitch, hockey court, football court, basket ball court, volley ball court, wrestling court, long jump court, high jump court, obstacle course, kho-kho, kabaddi ground, river crossing, rock climbing, ropeway, boating club.


Staff Quarters

The school has residential quarter’s facility for all staff members within the school premises.

Waiting Hall/Visitor’s Room

Occasionally if the parents visit the school, for them the school has spacious and beautiful well furnished waiting room, where parents can spare some time with their wards, after seeking permission from the school principal.


Birthday Room

Parents are allowed to come to school to celebrate the birthday of their dear children. For that birthday room is nicely decorated where the parents can celebrate the birthday occasion of their dear child.

Water Tanks

Water tanks, water coolers are available for drinking purpose during the recess and regular intervals and sports hours. All the drinking water sources have been connected with RO water system.