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Late Mr. Bansilalji Biyani

Source of Inspiration

Late B. C. Biyani (Mamaji) was the eminent personality in the field of Education, Social Service and Politics. He was the man of great vision. He established the “Late Dagadabai Champalalji Biyani Eudcational Trust” This trust was registered by Jalgaon District Asst. Charity Commissioner with the registration no. F4743 on 06/11/1999.

By keeping in mind the values of an ancient Gurukul Education System he laid emphasis on physical fitness, self discipline, team work, culture, service to the Nation and covering all the modern trends of Education. He founded Biyani Public Day School and an English Medium Residential Biyani Military school in the city of Bhusawal and he was founder President of these Schools and other twelve institutions run by late Dagadabai Champalalji Biyani Education Development Trust.

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Hon’ble Shri. Manojbhau Biyani


The contribution of the active President and the source of inspiration for Biyani Educational Group, Hon’ble Shri. Manojbahu Biyani is remarkable. As the President of Biyani Educational Group and Biyani Military School itself, Shri. Manojbhau is carrying the “Torch of Knowledge” which was enlightened by the President Hon’ble Late B. C. Biyani (Mamaji) successfully and capably.

Along with the presidentship of fourteen institutions running by the Biyani Education Group, Shri Manojbhau is the president and active participant in number of Social Organizations of Bhusawal City. He himself is well qualified civil engineer and Govt. contractor. He believes that self confidence, Self discipline and good character are the “Key to Success”. To inculcate these values among the students he has provided the excellent facilities in academics, sports, Music and Military Training. He personally pays the individual attention to day to day’s school routine. By all the means he strives hard to upgrade the standard of the school. He knows very well that “Quality Education is the Soul of School” and by all his efforts he is trying to maintain it.

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Hon’ble Mrs. Sangitaji Biyani


The Secretary of Biyani Educational Group and Biyani Military School is the lady of strong determination, extreme confidence and self discipline. She herself is highly qualified and very strict administrator. She believes that self discipline is the backbone of not only the army but everyone, especially Military School. The strict discipline she follows in her own life and insists others to be disciplined.

Mrs. Sangitaji Biyani has a deep love and affection for the school, the students and each member of the staff. She totally involves herself in all the school activities. She always tries her level best to solve the problems of students and school employees.

Founder President Late B. C. Biyani (Mamaji) is her ideal and by heart she has been striving to fulfill his dreams after him. At her aim she always innovates and visualizes new ideas to make the school one of the Best Military School in the Country “Where tireless starving stretches its arm towards perfection.”